keskiviikko 29. heinäkuuta 2015

Närcon 2015


I'll start over with this blog and the first post may be from Närcon!

So i went to Närcon that was located in Sweden, Linköping, with my friend Jenna. I also met Saara, Milla and Julia at the ship on our way to Sweden. I was kinda prejudiced about them because i hadn't met them before. But they were really nice and we had same kind of stupid humor and it wasn't awkward at all!
Ship trip was really great and after arriving to Stockholm we took a bus to train station and then hopped on train to Linköping.

When we got to Linköping we took a bus to university where the convetion and our accommodation was held. The line for the tickets was hideous and when we finally got our ticket we had to go seek our accommodation ticket separately. We got our tickets and unpack. Then we threw cosplays on and went to check out the convetion area.

First day i was Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no kanata. I will finish this cosplay for Tracon completely.

 Next day i cosplayed Aisaka Taiga from Toradora with a loan wig from Saara because my own wig didn't arrive on time. We were also watchin NCC cosplay competition which was awesome! Finnish participants did a great work.

I didn't took anymore pictures from con or trip because i had too much fun!
Third day i was at Mirai cosplay again and it was raining all day :S Although it rained we had great time!

Fourth day we left at morning to the train and from the train to the ship. At the ship we were at upper floor than before and it made some of us very sick because there was big waves. We were tired cosplayers and when we arrived to Finland I had to leave quick to train station to get on train home.

The trip was in its entirety really great and i do not regret doing it! I made new friends and acquaintances at Närcon and got to witness great cosplays everyday.
I also gained couple group cosplay projects on the way...

See you soon!

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