tiistai 11. elokuuta 2015

ITALY 2015


Now i have been in Italy too! I expirienced things like hot climate, getting stuck in an elevator and a jellyfish sting. I sunbathed a lot even tho it still doesn't look like it...

Flight left Sunday 08:15 from Finland and we were at Italy, Venize 10:10. From Venize we went to Cattolica by bus.

We ate Gelato almost every day... It was so good... And so many flavors!

First we explored area of Cattolica and we had dinner with our group. We Sunbathe, swim, drink and just relaxed for the first day.
Beach was always full and at Sieasta time it was deserted. At night time people were everywhere and there was activities and music.

Et tu, Brute

Monday we went to Rimini and there we visited an old church and also couple shops. After we had visited Rimini we went back to Cattolica and went to eat.

After we had eated we went to check out a place named Malindi. It was cool place but that night there was only 80's music so we left :'D

(Here's some scenery from our way to San Marino)

Tuesday we went to San Marino. It's a little state surrounded by italy. It was beautiful but so hilly... And hot!

I bought some liqueur and a shot class from there and some other souvenirs to take to Finland.

At night we took wine, playing cards and candles to roof where we sneaked couple nights in row :') It was moody~

Wednesday we went for whole day at Aquafan water park and it was great. Even tho there was 40min queue at each slide...

At night we explored more area of Cattolica and also collected some seashells and rocks. And also took these awesome photos!

Thursday we went to a mall and spend there some time.

Friday we went to took some photos, sunbathed and rented a cart! It was so fun and i broke my shoes :'D
For a last night in Cattolica we bought wine and other drinks and went to the roof again.
After that we went to Bikini named club next to malindi and we met waiter from the place we always ate and took a photo with him :'D He was the heart of that place. After all we sneaked in to malindi for rest of the night because bikini closed.

(I bought this beautiful watercolor work from Venize)

Saturday we went to Venize. There was beautiful buildings and canals but it was hard to enjoy because it was so hot!! We had city tour at there and we were so hungry and sweaty so it was hard to enjoy about that too...

After long and hot day we brought pizza to hotel room at Hotel Venize. We were at Mestre named city next to venize.

Sunday morning we left back to Finland.

Trip was awesome and i enjoyed company of Junnu, Aleksi, Jenni and Iida! I would do a trip with them other time too :)

See ya!

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  1. Ihana teksti ja kuvat!! Yks korjaus vaan; ei syöty jätskiä melkein joka päivä vaan me syötiin jätskiä joka päivä ;)

    1. Kiitos :)) no musta tuntu et joku päivä ei oltas syöty xD